Here are some pictures (Antarctica, Japan, mountain, others, …) that I scanned. My Japan page (rarely updated), with the translation of the vocabulary for some Japanese language textbooks. Lastly, some personal news with the kanji of the day, news of my contributions as Debian developer.

I am working at OIST since August 2018, where I study the sequence of the chromosomes of a small planktonic animal called Oikopleura dioica. Before that I was working at RIKEN for 14 years, to develop technologies to measure the activity of cells by sequencing their messenger RNAs. I publish my results in scientific journals. Before moving to Japan, I studied zebrafish in Illkirch. I still have a some pictures of my transgenic fish on this website.

My (more or less up to date) pages in social networks: viadeo, linkedin, or copains d'avant. I signed here these URLs with the electronic key that I use at Debian.

If you have a key for signing electronic documents, you can check if it is connected to my key by entering its ID here:

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