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Today's kanji. One kanji and a small comment, for some time to time give some news to my family.

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Input setup of Japanese characters on Debian.

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It is hard to learn reading on books with all these annoying furiganas. I started to study with three books: Minna no Nihongo for the grammar, and then the Nihongoshoho and Japanese for beginners (Tokai Press) to vary on examples. At the beginning, I was taking notes for th ?kanjis du nihongoshoho and the ?Japanese for beginners I, sorted by lessons, but I gave up a long time ago. More recently, I have been using the software Kakitori-kun, on Nintendo DS.

The Japanese for beginners has no French supplement. I started (and then gave up) to translate the vocabulary for the lessons as I was studying them. Here is the ?link to the page.