In 2009 I called for a general resolution regarding membership procedures in Debian, to block a change that, in my opinion, was going against our values. Results, even if they satisfied the majority came with a bitter feeling and it became questioned whether a better solution could have been reached without using a constraining procedure. I did not think so, but not to the point of not having doubts about it, and therefore, regrets.

This year, we are again having a vote related to a change that some people think it goes against our values, and again the existence of this vote makes it hard to find compromises. Bitterness will win whatever the result is. For the avoidance of doubt, I have proposed the amendment number 3, stating that this general resolution should not have been started.

I hope that this amendment will defeat the original proposition and will make people think twice before pressing Debian's alarm button next time.

PS: amendment 3, that is amendment C, that is choice 4. If there was a need for an example that the procedure is complex, here it is...