I moved with my family to Okinawa in August, in the Akano neighborhood in the Uruma city. We arrived on time to see a bunch of eisaa, traditional dances using lots for drums, that often take place at the end of August. Each neighborhood has its own band and we hope we can join next year.

We live in a concrete building with a shared optic fiber connection. It has a good ping to the mainland, but the speed for big downloads is catastrophic in the evenings, when all families are using the fiber at the same time. Impossible to manage a simple sbuild-update -dragu unstable, and I could not contribute anything to Debian since them. It is frustrating; however there might be solutions through our GitLab forge.

On the work side, I joined the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST). It is a formidable place, open to the public even on week-end (note the opening hours of the café). If you come visit, please let me know!