Many quickly reacted to the return of rms to the FSF and asked that he leaves again; some also asked for the whole board of directors to resign and some not. Meanwhile, Debian discusses a general resolution on that matter. Maybe it was not the original intent, but in practice the object of the GR is about FSF's board of directors. Perhaps we will have the result after rms resigns? Like many GRs, it will divide Debian and leave scars, at least a tally sheet of who voted what, and who voted like whom.

I think that most other organisations did not go through a process as plenary and collegial, but also heavy and cleaving, to decide which way to go.

What if our two DPL candidates would issue a statement that, if elected, they would refuse to fund events linked to the FSF until rms quits again (and also the directors, if that is what the DPL candidate wishes to propose). This would let Debian be part of the wave of reaction on time, and maybe allow us to cancel this GR?