Dpkg provides a mechanism to execute again the postint script of a package in some conditions triggered by the installation of another package. The description of this mechanism is scattered between two manual pages, dpkg-trigger (1) and deb-triggers (5), and the file /usr/share/doc/dpkg-dev/triggers.txt.gz.

To provide a broader overview and to promote the use of triggers, we will add a section for them in the Debian Policy. The work is well advanced and tracked in the bug number 582109. The most recent version of the patch is available following this link.

There needs only one more seconding opinion for this patch to be accepted. Seconds are not personal opinions, but are given when one thinks that a proposal reflects the consensus in Debian (see the process to change the Policy). If after inspecting this patch you feel qualified to second it, this will be welcome. Of course, other comments to improve or amend the patch are also welcome.