Debian just published Squeeze today. It is an excellent release, that I hope I will keep for a long time on my machines. Among the improvements, boot has been accelerated. On my laptop with a second hand SSD, it only takes 20 seconds to see the login screen. I was amazed when I saw this for the first time.

I was often upgrading from Stable to Testing quite quickly, to install more recent versions of desktop applications. But the backports change the game. I hope that I will not switch to Testing before one year or two.

For Squeeze, I will also prepare backports for the packages I maintain. I hope that more people will enjoy them. Most of these packages are independant from the graphical system, and more in general from its core. The backports will allow to use recent version of these packages on top of a stable distribution.

Since Lenny, Debian Med displays the contents of its metapackages with tasks pages, that include draft packages as well. Not all will make it in Debian, and I would like to have the feedback from our users to better chose our priorities. Contact us on the mailing list ! These new packages will also be distributed for Squeeze through the backports.

Thanks again to everybody who contributed to the release of Squeeze !