A discussion on the debian-project mailing list caught my attention to an Italian word meaning something like “would you be so kind to please go somewhere else?”, but in a more direct and vulgar manner. I then used http://codesearch.debian.net to study its usage more in detail.

I found it in:

  • the source code of XEmacs;
  • a list of bad words to filter conversations in BZflag;
  • the random sentence generator PolyGen;
  • the source code of the board game Tagua;
  • a database of offensive fortunes for the educative platform WIMS;
  • the crossword game parolottero;
  • a database of offensive fortunes for login screens and email signatures;
  • a list of (too) frequent passwords;
  • a source code comment aimed at somebody called Wolf;
  • a collection of rude gestures in the xwrists package.

That was a refreshing and pleasant recreation in the Debian package universe.