This is my first post on Planet Debian. In the title, I used the plural for planets, as I will try to be bilingual, and send here each time a translation from my post on Planète Debian. For this, I will use po4a and Virtaal or Poedit, mostly for training purpose since there is not much to translate anyway. Conversions will be via ikiwiki’s po plugin. This blog is hosted on Branchable.

I am a Debian developer since 2008, and specialize in bioinformatics through the Debian Med project. In the everyday life I'm a (molecular) biologist. My current packages are mostly research tools, but in view of the amazing progresses of DNA sequencing, we may see software aiming at the general public in the future. And given the stakes, I hope that some of them will be free and we'll manage to distribute them in Debian!