It is since two days that all my emails, included, are in parked somewhere between the sender and my MX, as my server broke at a moment where I strictly had no time (dealine for a grant application). It is an OpenRD Ultimate with a second hand SSD. I was quite happy to have an ARM system available to test some packages like T-COFFEE, but it looks like I will have to do without.

Apparently, the machine permanently reboots. I did not manage to access to the USB serial port; there are no 10 seconds where the USB port is not disconnected / reconnected. Both ethernet port LEDs blink together synchronously with the disconnections. Removing the drive did not solve the problem.

The SSD itself is fine, and I did not find in the logs hints for software problems. Strange coincidence, the last log file that was modified is daemon.log, which indicates the connection of so-called megumi-PC to our unprotected, but to my knowledge never visited, wireless network. After this, nothing.